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Affinity Irish Red & White Setters
From many references and writings, it would seem that the Irish
Setter was in its heyday in the 18th century and early in the 19th

The Red & White Setter is in all probability the ancestor of the Red
Setter. Whole colored specimens were rare at a time when Ireland
could boast of a number of kennels of Red and Whites (early 1800's).

Although paintings and written descriptions from this period depict
most of the Irish Setters as red and white on paws or chest; the red
and white featured white predominating with large blotches of red;
and a pattern called "shower of hail" (red base coat with scattered
spots of white). It was found primarily in the northwest coastal
areas of Ireland, was always rare, and apparently disappeared by
the early 1900's.

It was in the mid-1800's, as dog shows became popular, breeders
began selecting for appearance (color) rather than strictly for
working ability. Thus the Irish Setter became known as self-colored
red as it gained popularity by show people. This was the fashion
and the Red and Whites disappeared from the show ring. In fact, the
Red and Whites became nearly extinct as food shortages during
World War I brought breeding of dogs for sport nearly to a halt.

The Red and Whites underwent two revivals circa 1926 and again in
the 1940's. In 1944 the Irish Red and White Setter Society was
formed. Since then through the unswerving efforts of a few, one of
the most handsome and serviceable breeds has been reintroduced to
the public of today.

Gradually the Irish Red and White Setter is being accepted by the
various kennel clubs throughout the world, and the breed is making
its mark slowly but surely. The majority of the breed is being
purchased for the show ring or personal hunting.  It is enjoying
much success in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Sweden,
Finland, Germany, Spain, Canada and the United States. Also the
American Hunting Fancy is becoming aware of this stylish dog with
its great working ability.

Most importantly, this highly intelligent dog makes an affectionate
and devoted companion.

Reasons to Groom Your Pet Regularly

Grooming your pet is very important for a lot of reasons. From skin and coat health to proper animal socialization, regular grooming schedule has a wide number of advantages that you can benefit from. Without any further ado, here are the top reasons why you have to groom your pet in a regular and the most professional manner.




When it comes to the most common pets, which are cats and dogs, performing some daily grooming ritual can help them become more accustomed to being held and touched. Brushing the hair of your pet regularly especially during night time can help them relax your pet and you as well. In addition to that, your furry friend will also get acquainted with you so much more since you teach them to calmly lie down while you lavish them with attention, especially when you remove any debris from their coat, as well as de-tangle their hair. This is also true for clipping your cat or dog’s nails. Performing this lovely activity at least once a week, or maybe every other week if you are too busy, will make it even easier in the long run when it comes to caring for the feet of your pet.

Sometimes, most pet owners are too busy that they frequently skip the grooming of their pets. Fortunately, mobile dog groomer nyc offers one of a kind grooming services to your pets at the comfort of your own home.

Controls Shedding 

Another major problem that can be solved by regular grooming is the shedding of your pet. While all shedding of your pet cannot be avoided completely, daily brushing as well as weekly bathing using a conditioning pet shampoo will certainly help in cutting back on the need to constantly vacuum your carpet flooring. When you use a pet brush regularly, you will definitely notice a dramatic drop in your pet’s shedding. This is because the brush stimulates your pet’s oil producing glands in their skin, which help in keeping it hang onto hair and as healthy as possible. Sometimes, it is also even better and much easier to have your furry friend groomed by an expert such as a professional mobile pet grooming service. A highly trained, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professional knows how to properly groom your pet, particularly to each breed and they will be able to accurately and beautifully trim the hair of your pet, which is extremely helpful for the thick coats of your pet.

Avoid Medical Problems

Other actions like checking the teeth, eyes, and ears of your pets in a regular manner can actually help you prevent major medical bills. A lot of dog and cat breeds are really susceptible too sickness, which can be prevented early if you pay attention to the grooming of your pet and thoroughly checking the entire body of you animal especially during daily grooming sessions.

Dental Health

Brushing the teeth of your pet is another thing that you should do in a regular manner. The dental health of your pet can have a really big effect on the overall physical well-being of your pet.

History of the Irish Red & White Setter
Our imported breeding
stock of Irish Red and
White Setters comes from
highly respected Irish and
English breeders.